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Bondage Luna 2014
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I’m about to go to sleep… half passing out while talking to a friend on the phone and im set on going to bed. AND THEN SOMEBODY URGENTLY NEEDS TO COMMISION CRACKLE X MRS CAKE SHIPPING…. and was so urgently that woke the snap out of me and start doing it. Then waking up in the morning with this image left  on my photoshop tab, made my question my sleep.
WIP Title by Tetrapony
Made an example of a User Interace for selecting faces on a grid for a friend. Luna horse is the best subject for this tests, althought my friend that requested this tutorial wont see the horse coming.
Pixelkitty’s Reply to a Tweet
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Anonymous: Luna luvs u! I want you to be the best that you can be. Okay Miseur Tetra. Can you do that?

We are ready to have adventures outside now that The season finale is over, We gotta walk across the world!

Or at least just walking to the grocery store at the corner to grab more Dr. pepper, we don’t have enough at Tetra’s HQ

Commission successfully accomplished for a person that Jumps and Shoots with me on Titan-fall.
I bought one for every breakfast for the week from Monday to Saturday.
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Closed at 3 Commisions for now, Not so small so may take a bit.



Ponies with Guns

that is all hints I can give.