1. Made an example of a User Interace for selecting faces on a grid for a friend. Luna horse is the best subject for this tests, althought my friend that requested this tutorial wont see the horse coming.

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  3. alpha-brony:








    wow I’ve never seen a bird drink before

    that’s a snake

    dogs are incredible

    What the fuck is wrong with all of you

    nothing man, the internet’s all about cat gifs

    Is that a fish

    Is that child being fed from a saucer?  Seems kind of cruel. 

    Snake! A snake! Oooooo it’s a snake!…

    Dont call her a snake! Princess luna is the best pony and she looks cute in this picture drinking a milkshake

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  4. cyrilthewolf:




    can i get paid to hide away from society and make music?

    like, maybe go out for a burrito every once in a while

    but otherwise just record on guitar and occasionally hang out or jam with a select few people?


    Burritos and Luna???

  5. crufavers:

    "I’m certain this will be easier than shooting it."

    ((Question 53))


  6. Anonymous said: Luna luvs u! I want you to be the best that you can be. Okay Miseur Tetra. Can you do that?

    We are ready to have adventures outside now that The season finale is over, We gotta walk across the world!

    Or at least just walking to the grocery store at the corner to grab more Dr. pepper, we don’t have enough at Tetra’s HQ

  7. Progression Shoots

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  8. Commission successfully accomplished for a person that Jumps and Shoots with me on Titan-fall.

  9. I bought one for every breakfast for the week from Monday to Saturday.

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  10. Commision Slots Closed for now

    Closed at 3 Commisions for now, Not so small so may take a bit.



    Ponies with Guns

    that is all hints I can give.


  11. marcoon1305 said: How did Luna felt after the 'trip' in the washingmachine?

    (Actually I cant answer this privately, just love it)

    She doesn’t want to leave the bed…


  13. Punishment

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  14. Anonymous said: would he then call them every day afterward using his tombphone?


    go out on a date to a bakery. he’ll have a tombscone

    This didnt reblog properly Tarby, Now is correct!


  15. the-upright-infinity:

    I’ve really left tumblr hanging this past month. I feel kinda guilty but I’ve been too busy with college crunch time to really think about it. Sorry nevertheless.

    That said I would appreciate criticism. I’ve never really gotten much feedback from the people who follow…

    I actually am interested into this one, and if people can send anon messages the better

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